More and more companies are finding that custom publishing is a great way to connect directly with their customers.

Big brands invest heavily in custom publishing

Grocery giants Coles and Woolworths both produce the most read magazines in the country with readership of each exceeding 3.5 million.

Retail giant David Jones has a strong custom title in Jones which is now one of the largest circulating fashion and lifestyle magazines in Australia.

The success of Jones is the ability to holistically link print, digital and social media to connect with shoppers. This creates tremendous brand awareness and customer loyalty as readers pore over the latest announcements and products available.

Importantly, Jones is also highly attractive to advertisers wanting to reach sophisticated and big-spending readers who love the David Jones brand.

Readers look for quality in magazines

R.M. Williams’ Outback magazine has long been at the forefront of quality print media and custom publishing in Australia.

“We work with IPMG on our magazines and catalogues, in pre-press and in post-production,” says Mark Muller, Outback Editor-in-Chief.

“IPMG is constantly looking around the world for how things are done. They’re travelling the world to bring back to us as their partners, something that is going to be at a very high level of operation. If I’m told by my colleagues at IPMG that this is something interesting or this is something good and the best way of doing it, then I know they’ve done the research and have the credibility and background to bring that to fruition,” says Mark Muller.

“It’s about quality, it’s about authenticity, it’s about knowing that it’s not necessarily about doing things cheaply. It’s about doing things well,” he says.

Advertisers get solid return from Magazine spend

The Advertising Research Foundation has published a report* after tracking Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) for 11 years across media platforms. For every $1.00 spent on advertising, $3.94 is driven in incremental sales.

Watch a video about how custom publishing helps drive spend for Coles.

Print magazine future looks solid – for the right publications

A study among readers by market research group Fiftyfive 5 on consumer attitudes to magazines found they scored 90% for providing “content relevant to me”, and trusted the content in magazines (85%).

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Originally written by Garth Montgomery, Content Specialist for PMP Limited