When Stefano Teghini was recently tasked with reinvigorating an exhausted sales team, he looked at the opportunities they currently had in the pipeline.

“It was empty,” he said as an uneasy flutter rose in his stomach. “A sales pipeline with nothing in it. Challenge accepted,” he half-joked.

The title of Group Sales Manager at PMP was a step up for Stefano, and so was the challenge.

Known as Stef, he was the popular NSW sales manager for print. But the new role covered print and distribution and a team that craved direction and an injection of fresh energy. They needed tangible ideas for generating leads. Something to actually do.

Stef decided a back-to-basics approach was needed. His distribution team needed a database of companies to call. With the companies compiled, they’d find the contacts within and start having conversations.

“Everyone always says a company’s most valuable asset is the people,” Stef says. “So we bribed them,” he laughed.

Posters appeared around all PMP print and digital businesses variously offering vouchers of $50 and $100. Employees were encouraged to bring into work all the flyers they received in their letterbox and newspapers. With your name written on it in texta or pen, you simply dumped your brochures into a box at each workplace.

“The response was awesome, more than we ever expected, boxes and boxes were filled to the brim,” Stef says.

PMP employees brought in 3000 brochures, fliers and catalogues collected from their letterboxes and newspapers.

Each catalogue was meticulously entered into a database split by geographic location.

“Our employees stretch from the NSW Central Coast to Wollongong, up to the Blue Mountains, and every direction in metropolitan Sydney,” Stef says.

“It gave us an incredible picture of who’s doing what, and where it appears.”

Once the leads were catalogued in a database, Stefano used quote estimates for print and distribution based on industry standards.

“There were 71 jobs that we currently don’t do in any print or distribution capacity and these had a total estimated value of $177 million,” Stef says.

The sales team was instantly reinvigorated with fresh leads to hunt.

“The team is geed up and has started a pipeline, identifying decision-makers to start conversations, so it was a worthwhile exercise – all for a Wish voucher.

“I’m not saying it was a mind-blowing tactic, but it showed that there’s something to keeping things simple sometimes, going a bit old school to fill a pipeline and then doing the hard yards of starting conversations,” says Stef.

The problem: empty sales pipeline in need of tangible leads.

The idea: employee incentive program offering Wish vouchers.

The response: 3000 brochures.

The result: 71 new leads valued at $177 million in a new pipeline that was previously empty.

PMP employee competition winners: Bob Taylor (Pyrmont, Pictured below with PMP Print CEO Adrian O’Connor), Loo Marshman (Warwick Farm), Nikki Holman (Moorebank).

The employee incentive campaign continues throughout May 2018 and people are encouraged to continue bringing in their brochures.