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Get to know our Group Sales Manager PMP, Stefano Teghini

What do you actually do?

I look after the national sales team for Griffin Press, the NSW sales team for PMP Distribution, and few print sales reps. I also look after the Customer Service Reps in Adelaide at Griffin Press. It’s interesting because I have 16 people reporting to me and I report to 3 different bosses, so it can be hard to explain.

I also expose myself to the digital business as well.

What exactly does “look after the national sales team” mean?

I suppose it involves a lot of normal managerial stuff day to day. Helping people with the tools to get sales. Opening doors for them, smoothing out any obstacles. It’s more of a leading and coaching role I suppose.

What do you bring to the job that is uniquely you?

Does being uncomfortable spruiking myself count?

No. What’s your personal USP?

Listening to my crew and genuinely wanting the best for them. No matter what it is, I’ll always listen to them and want them to succeed. It’s amazing to just listen to people because so many managers don’t do it. So being a chameleon for different situations as needed. I can be in a t-shirt and casual with my team members so they are comfortable with asking for whatever they need, and I can be a suit guy in a boardroom as needed.

I hate activity for activity’s sake. If it doesn’t help you or add to a tangible result, why bother? Time is valuable. Always question the status quo. Have bold conversations and talk about the elephants in the room. And never giving up. I’m super competitive from my soccer days. I’ll be taken out by ambulance before I quit.

Soccer days?

I played in the National Premier League NSW for Manly United. Then I broke my leg going for a hit up. My ankle rolled one way and my leg went the other way. It needed plates and screws. I wasn’t really the same after that. I put on 11 kilos. I dropped down to Premier League and captained Pittwater RSL Football Club and won 7 premierships, 2 Champion of Champions Cups.

What have done before this current job?

I worked at IPMG for 14 years, starting on the back of the press, then did a management traineeship and various sales positions.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Treat people the way you want to be treated yourself. No matter where someone is on the food chain – a client worth a hundred bucks gets the same treatment as a client worth a million.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt the hard way?

I always wonder what would happen if I didn’t put on 11 kilos after the leg break. So I’d have to say the biggest lesson learnt the hard way is to always look after yourself. I’m pretty devo’d that I let it all go because I was killing it. So…look after yourself and your health.

Are there any skills you wish you had mastered or developed?

I always thought that singing and drawing would be really relaxing to just zone out when you’ve got some downtime. I suck at both.

Snowboarding or skateboarding. I can do both, and got my boys into it from 3 years old. Id love to be able to spend more time at it.

Do you have any career highlights?

Winning Foxtel newspaper inserts for print was a big moment. At the time it was worth about $3 million a year for five million inserts per week.

Why was it such a big moment?

I had no chance of winning it, and absolutely nothing to lose. The incumbent had someone in their office already. I went to the factory floor and asked print supervisors what we can do. They had great ideas and I managed to convince the sales manager to do a trial. I was just a pest to people and pushing them. The trial worked. We printed and trimmed and mixed inserts based on local interests like NRL teams on the cover for each area, and other topical things like the Grand Prix. And then we could give some analytics on what creative helped sign up people. After that, we won the magazine.

Everyone asked what discount we gave to get the work. None at all! It was just a good idea that created a solution to their problem that no one thought was possible.

I must add that it wasn’t my idea. Everyone in print contributes in some way to the final idea.

What do you love most about working at PMP?

The variety. Exposure to people in Digital and the whole other side of the business beyond print and distro. I’m enjoying getting lost and learning new stuff. Also being the biggest player in the industry with the firepower to do what we do.

If you weren’t working in an integrated marketing group, what would you be doing?

Playing Golf. It’s relaxing but still plays to my competitive drive. So it’s my new soccer, I suppose. I’m Secretary of PINGS – the Print Industry Golf Society. I can never play enough Golf.

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